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TPC Course

Test Of Professional Competence (TPC) Course


The Test of Professional Competence ( TPC ) is the Board of Valuers, Appraisers and Estate Agents Malaysia ( Board ) principal means of ensuring that only those who are competent to carry out the work of an Estate Agent are permitted to obtain registration.

The rapid development of our country has placed increasing demands on the Estate Agency profession to be both well versed in the theoretical knowledge of the written examinations as well as the practical experience that can be obtained through guided training.

The TPC also ensures that candidates eligible for registration satisfy the following essential requirements:

  • Thorough knowledge of and intention to act in accordance with the provision of the Valuers, Appraisers and estate Agents Act 1981 (as amended); the Valuers, Appraisers and Estate agents Rules 1986 (as amended); the Guidelines for Estate Agents and Circulars issued by the Board;
  • Possess a high level of professional integrity and objectivity, and recognition of duties both to fellow employees and clients and to the community as a whole;
  • Awareness and recognition of the need to pay particular attention to accuracy and essential details to safeguard the interest of employers and clients; and
  • Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

Course Fees: RM300
Location: Sunway Nexis SOHO 1, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810 Malaysia

Trainer: Mr K.K.Wong

  • How To Qualify Yourself
    How To Qualify Yourself

    • Candidates applying to take the TPC are required to have passed all the written examinations as set the Board.
    • Candidates must at all times be employed on full times basis in an Estate Agency firm or establishment approved by the Board.
    • Candidates must register for the TPC; applications for registration can be obtained from the Secretariat at any time. However, candidates are advised to register at an early date and are required to complete from TPC(EA) 1/96 and pay the requisite fee.
    • Exemptions – the following persons may be exempted from taking the Test of Professional Competence:
      - Registered Valuers
      - Members of the Institution of Surveyors Malaysia (Property Consultancy and Valuation / General Practice)
    • Candidates who have undergone post qualifying practical experience for a period of not less than 10 years are exempted from submission of work Diary, Record of Experience and Practical Tasks subject to payment of processing fee as prescribed under the Fifth Schedule. They are required to submit Form TPC(EA) 2/96 and to attend a Professional interview.
  • Requirement Of Professional Experience
    Requirement Of Professional Experience

    • Period of Experience
      A.) The period of approved practical experience for all candidates is a minimum of two continuous years except for graduates with a degree in Property Management or other similar degrees recognized by the Board, the period of approved practical experience shall be reduced to one year.
      B.) Candidates should be working on full time basis in an estate agency firm or establishment approved by the Board and be supervised by Registered Estate Agent.
    • Practical Experience
      A.) Candidates have maintain a Work Diary purchased from the Board and should record it from the date of admission as a candidate for the TPC. Experience gained before registration for the TPC would be excluded.
      B.) Entries in the Diary must describe clearly and concisely the actual work done, in accordance with the following Areas of Approved Professional Experience.
      • Sale and purchase of Residential, commercial, Industrial, and Agriculture Property.
      • Tenancies/Lease of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Agriculture Property.
      • Marketing of Property for Sale/Letting.
      C.) On completion of the required training period a candidate must prepare a Record of Experience in duplicate in not less than 500 words outlining the experience that have been obtained during the period of professional experience covering:
      • The types of work (areas pf experience) undertaken:
      • The geographical area in which the experience was gained:
      • Types of property dealt with:
      • The candidate’s level of responsibility; and
      • Any other information that demonstrates the experience gained.
  • Practical Tasks
    Practical Tasks

    All candidates are required to prepare and submit two Practical Tasks. The Tasks are intended to test the candidate’s ability at report writing, logical expression, professional judgement and ability to be objectively critical of a project undertaken personally by him.

    Task 1 – Agency

    Prepare a Report showing step by step the agency process of a property you have sold on behalf of your client from the date of listing of the property until its final transaction. The Report must be accompanied by letter, photographs, plans Sales & Purchase Agreement (if any).

    Task 2 – Project Marketing

    Prepare a Marketing Proposal assuming you have been invited by the owner of a high rise building or a mixed housing scheme in your town to market his property. The Report must be accompanied by letters, photographs, plans Sale & Purchase Agreement (if any).

    (Note: Each Task should not be less than 2,000 words and not more than 4,000 words. The number word must be stated at the end of each report.)

  • Professional Interview
    Professional Interview

    All candidates will be interviewed on the Practical Tasks including the following:

    • Knowledge and application of the relevant laws and taxation relating to Real Estate.
    • Laws and Regulations on Real Estate Agency Practice.
    • Real Estate Agency Practice and Techniques.
    • Topical matters.

    The interview will be held 3 times a year in March/April, July/August, October/November. Specific dates will be announced accordingly.

    The result of the TPC will be notified to the candidates within 30 days of the interview. The Board will advise unsuccessfully candidates of the additional requirements, if any, to be fulfilled.